January 2020 - Publish Meeting Recordings, Add Subtitles, and More

We are excited to announce that we have just updated the system with features to make it much easier for you to comply with recent changes in open meeting laws.

Plus, we've added many improvements based on your feedback. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Publish video recordings of your meetings

Does your board need to make recordings of your meetings available to the public in order to comply with new Brown Act requirements or other open meeting laws? Or, do you just want to save meeting recordings?

BoardOnTrack now gives you an easy way to do this.


Public portal with a recording of the meeting


Now, each meeting has a new Documents tab where you can upload the audio and or video recordings of your meeting.

You can set up the system so that all recordings uploaded for a meeting will automatically show up on your public portal. Or, you can keep the recordings private to your team.


Store other types of files related to your meeting.




Add subtitles to your meeting titles to help you stay even more organized

You now have the option to add a subtitle to each meeting. Your subtitle will appear on the agendas and minutes.


If you want a subtitle, simply add it when creating your meeting:



Add a footer to your agendas and minutes

Similar to how the Notice works on agenda and minutes, we've introduced a footer that works the same way.

There's now a system-wide setting for footer content that works in both agendas and minutes. You can set a global footer that applies to all agendas or minuutes. And, you can still override that setting if you don't want it to show on any specific agendas or minutes.



Add a summary to each agenda section

Have you ever needed a bit more space to include a more detailed summary for an agenda section?

You can now have the option to include summary text to support the title of a section.



We're here to help!

As always, if you ever have any questions while using the system, you can reach out to us through the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner or through submitting a Help request.

We're available via live chat during business hours [Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm ET]. And you can submit a Help request any time, day or night; we'll reply as quickly as we can.