December 2019 -- Meeting Minutes Tools Upgrade

We’re excited to show you all the new features we’ve added to help you take minutes. 

Watch this short video for a walk-through of the new meeting minutes tools.


Or, read about the key updates below:

New, streamlined interface

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the old interface design [on the left] and the new interface we’ve just launched [on the right].

This layout makes it faster to enter and update minute records. And, you'll be able to easily spot the different types of minute records (vote - comment - attendance).


It’s now faster for you to enter and edit your minutes. 

At the top right corner, you can preview the resulting minutes, which can be very useful.

Or, click Open the Agenda to open the agenda in a new tab, allowing you to view the agenda and the minutes side by side. 


Easily see any action items you’ve yet to complete when finalizing your minutes.

Anytime you see blue icons, there are action items for you to complete. And get reminders from the platform to be sure you complete the key items.

As soon as the meeting is adjourned, or after 60 minutes, BoardOnTrack will automatically check for common mistakes in the minutes and alert the minute taker if issues are found.


Once BoardOnTrack detects that everything looks good, it will show a green checkmark to confirm you're all set.


Reorder the items in your minutes.

You now have the power to reorder minutes records within an item. And, we think you'll find that reordering is now much easier and more intuitive.

List in your minutes the documents used during the meeting.

If the board needs to (or just wants to) include a list of documents used during the meeting, the minute taker can simply check the box to enable this feature.


If selected, the minute taker can then check off each of the attachments that were used during the meeting.

Please note: Only documents that were added to the agenda will show up here for selection. 


Once you've selected the documents to include, you'll see them appear as a list in your minutes.

When viewed online, each document name is a link. The PDF downloaded does not include live links.


New minute record type specifically for approving minutes.

You can now record an "Approve Minutes" vote, regardless of how the agenda was originally set up.  And create a new "Approve Minutes" vote at almost any point while taking minutes.

If meeting minutes are outside of BoardOnTrack, or if it's your first time using BoardOnTrack, you can simply select “Not in BoardOnTrack.” 

If your minutes have been recorded in BoardOnTrack, simply select the date of the board meeting. 

If the previous minutes were not set up in the agenda, the minute taker can easily select the minutes from a drop-down menu right in the form for approving minutes.

Ideally, the person who created the agenda included the agenda item with the minutes to approve already, in which case this new version makes it even easier for the minute taker to record an "Approve Minutes" vote.

And, when adding a vote, you'll always see the "Approve minutes" action before the basic 'Vote' action, with a friendly reminder to help you select the right action for the vote you're recording.


There's also an optional Discussion editor that allows the minute taker to include any relevant discussion that takes place about the motion, without having to leave the Vote form.


Improved Meeting 'Details' Page

The meeting detail page layout makes it even easier to use. And, it now loads even better across different browsers, including Internet Explorer.


Autosave your work.

BoardOnTrack saves your discussion text for you to avoid data loss, even in case of a network outage.