September 24, 2019 - Improvements and new features

Opt out of meeting reminders

Have you ever wished you could opt out of the email reminders for meetings? Now you can with a new profile setting.

Just go to your 'My Profile' page and use this new setting:


The system will never send meeting notifications for meetings that you RSVP 'no' to.

See your RSVP requests on the dashboard

Now the 'My Action Items' panel on your dashboard will show you any upcoming meeting RSVP requests.


 Improved meeting information

The application has always helped you answer the questions:

  • Who is attending this meeting?
  • Do we have a quorum for this board meeting?

However, this version has improvements in the display of that information to make it even easier for you to plan for meetings.

When you select a meeting in the meeting list, the sidebar will display:


Now you can easily see:

  • your RSVP state
  • the RSVP state for all invitees

And for board meetings:

  • if voting members have not been invited
  • ow many of the voting members are attending and if there is a simple quorum

Example of a board meeting without a quorum:


This information has been updated in the meetings detail page too.

Preview an agenda before using it to start a new one

We are happy to say that now when you are creating a new agenda for a meeting based on a copy - you can preview it first!


And now you can also delete an agenda and start over

The new preview feature should help you avoid this problem, but if for any reason after you start an agenda and it is not right, then you can delete it and start over with a fresh one.


New 'Delete' action button in the agenda edit page.

 Note that once you make the agenda public on your portal or once you start taking minutes based on this agenda you will no longer be able to delete it.

Agenda Items no longer require a duration

We have heard for some members that they do not want to specify the presentation duration for every agenda item so we have modified the app to allow this.


The duration is no longer required. You may simply leave it blank.

Improved agenda PDF layout

We have improved the formatting of the downloaded agenda so that the full page width is used. 

No worries, the information displayed has not changed, we just improved the layout.

That's all... for now

We here at BoardOnTrack hope that these improvements and features help you save time and help make your work as efficient and as easy as possible.