August 9, 2019 - New OnTrack trend report and improved meeting filters

Posted on August 9, 2019


OnTrack progress trend report

The OnTrack report is great for getting a sense of how your board is doing this year. But what if you want to see how the board has progressed over time?

Now you can with the new OnTrack progress trend report. To check it out, use the new 'Trends' button on the OnTrack Score report:


For example, this new report includes a chart that shows you your board assessment results over time:



Improved meeting filters

We have replaced the simple meeting list filter with a new set of controls that allow you to better narrow down the types of meetings in the list.


By default the app will show you all of your meeting types. Just toggle the type buttons to tailor the list to your needs.


New BoardOnTrack meeting type

We have added a new special meeting type that our member success team can use to schedule helpful meetings right on your board calendar right along with your other meetings:


These meeting cards are indicated with a red tab and can easily be filtered using the updated filter controls.


We hope this update helps give you key insights into your board and makes it quicker and easier to complete the important work that you do.