July 12, 2019 - New and Improved Board Assessment!

Posted on July 12, 2019


We have done a full overhaul on the Board Assessment feature in BoardOnTrack to make it even easier to use to find out where your board is on the "Path to Excellence"

Improved List View

We have improved the list of assessments in order to make it easier for you to find your current assessment or to locate a previous one.


New Timeline View

We have added a way for you to view a timeline of the board assessments. This gives you a great place to see how the board has performed over time.


Improved and Simplified 'Home' Page

We have simplified the assessment home page to make it much easier for you to see the key information and to see what the next step is.



Any assessment description is displayed on the home page. This is a useful way to to notify the participants about any deadlines or any other information related to the assessment.

Now you can see at a glance:

  • How many people are participating and how many of them have completed the assessment
  • If the overall report is ready and if so what the current level is
  • If the recommendations are ready
  • What is your next step

For example, after everyone has completed taking the assessment, the boxes will look something like:


When the report is ready to view you will see the current level and when recommendations are ready to view the bulb lights up.

New: Preview the assessment

Now anyone can preview the assessment questions. 'Preview assessment' will show you the questions for all assessment topics using the new user interface.

Improved screens for taking the assessment

We have listened to your feedback and have made the assessment forms much easier to use while taking:


And also while reviewing your answers:


And lots more

These are just some of the many improvements made in this product update.

We hope that these new features and improvements make it quicker and easier for your board to execute your annual assessment.