June 1, 2019 - New custom evaluation questions and improved process page!

Posted on June 1, 2019


Custom Evaluation Questions

Have you ever wished you could add your own custom questions to the CEO evaluation? 

Today we have added a new feature to the 'Survey Configuration' that lets the evaluation coordinator add a new section to the survey with up to 5 custom questions:


  • The system will remember your custom questions for the next evaluation, but you can always change them each time
  • A preview feature lets you see exactly how the custom questions will appear in the survey
  • You can continue to customize the questions up until the surveys have been started


Improved and simplified process page

The process page in the previous version was great, but it could be a bit overwhelming to use. So in this version we have made a ton of improvements to make it easier for you, including:

  • Groups - the steps have been organized into the 6 main areas that you need to focus on to complete an evaluation of your CEO:
    • 1. Preparation
    • 2. Self-Evaluation
    • 3. Evaluation
    • 4. Report
    • 5. Documentation
    • 6. Goals
  • Simplified the process for the board / direct report evaluation : we have reduced this part from 5 steps to 3 steps






  • Separated the step states and actions : Now all step states are indicated on the left and the next action steps are buttons to the right.
  • Make it clear which steps can be manually completed

    In the previous version it could be difficult to know which of the steps you could manually complete vs. the steps that were automatically completed by the system.

    In this version the app always puts action items in the right most column and the button text is very clear:

Here is what it used to look like:


And here the same step in the new version:
  • Show Progress of CEO Eval Survey Participants

    For the "Complete the Evaluation of the CEO" step, the step number has a spark version of a pie chart overlaid to indicate that the step is in progress and how far along the progress is.

    Example of a case where 1 out of 4 participants have fully completed taking the survey:
    Zoom image.png
  • Simplified the due dates and completed dates  : When the step is incomplete, you will see the due date otherwise you will see the date achieved.
  • Moved infrequently used controls: moved into their own menu mceclip1.png


We improved the management of the evaluation survey participants for you too:


Zoom image.png

  • New personal invite note: the coordinator can add an optional note to the invitation email
  • Role : you can see what role the member currently belongs to 
  • State : now you can see if the participant has started taking their survey or not. 
  • Move to different role : now you can move a participant to a different role in the evaluation if needed. This will automatically adjust the report data.



We hope that these new features and improvements help make your evaluations even more useful to your board.